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Griffiths gone to Sarawak

  • Griffiths gone to Sarawak

Adelaide United has released Ryan Griffiths to Malaysian Super League club Sarawak FA, with the 32-year old signing a two year deal.


Adelaide football director Michael Petrillo said it “wasn’t a great time to lose a player with only five games to remaining”.

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The offer, however, was “very good” and former Newcastle attacker Griffiths had only played four games this season, all as a substitute.


Adelaide cannot sign a replacement as the deal has been done outside the transfer window, which would suggest this was not enough of a concern to keep him.


The story of Australian players looking to further their careers by heading overseas is not a new one.


Indeed, there was a time when the only way for an Australian player to make was to look beyond our shores to more “professional” leagues.


You only have to look at the standard of the A-League today, however, to see that this is changing.


The quality of football itself, to anyone who has been watching it since its inception, has definitely lifted and continues to grow.


The fact that more and more marquee players are being drawn to the league is another indication.


Granted, most of these players are past their best but still have a great deal to offer the clubs they sign with – in marketing terms as well as on the pitch.


Alessandro Del Piero and  Shinji Ono are evidence of this.


Griffiths’ story is a different one to what we are used to hearing.


He is not a young player whose talent has been identified by overseas scouts and poached before he has had a chance to impress at home.


This is a guy that has been around a fair bit and is, quite frankly, is surplus to requirements at the Reds.


The reaction to his departure on social media is an indication of this, with most Reds fans seeing it as the best thing for both parties after Griffiths’ minimal impact this season.


What’s your opinion? Should the Reds have let Griffiths go? What does it say about the standard of the A-League?



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