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Hindmarsh stoush brewing

  • Hindmarsh stoush brewing

Hindmarsh Stadium has been the home of football in Adelaide since…well it seems likes forever.


If seems Adelaide United may have to look elsewhere for a home pitch soon, however, if a recent communication from the club to its members is to be believed.

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In a letter posted on the Reds official website, the club makes a statement in response to comments made in the Adelaide Advertiser by the stadium’s landlord and managers, Adelaide Entertainment Centre (AEC).


According to the letter, the AEC maintains that it “is charged with the responsibility of improving the stadium’s financial performance and upgrading the stadium’s facilities”.


In the eyes of the Reds club management, thems fightin’ words.


The club admits that the changing rooms need upgrading but are adamant an upgrade on the rest of the facilities, and any ensuing increase in cost, can wait.


One of those upgrades is the apparent installation of red seats, part of a total cost of refurbishment of $4 million.


It may be that the two parties are headed for a fight over any increase in costs and the club is getting on the front foot to keep its supporters on side.


Or it may be that they are jumping at shadows.


Whatever the reality, it is clear that the club want to take over the running of the stadium when the current agreement runs out in May and therefore grab a bigger slice of the pie.


They have made a case to do so by submitting a letter to the Premier and Leader of the Opposition outlining their suitability.


Muddying the waters are the fact that South Australia is headed for a State Election this Saturday, March 15, hence the letter to both parties.


Whoever wins that will take charge of the AEC, and therefore the stadium.


The club has never had a great relationship with the state government by its own admission.


Whether that will change in the near future, and what it will mean for the club and its supporters, remains to be seen.


Whatever happens, it seems changes are afoot.


Do you think AUFC should run Hindmarsh? What do you think of the current facilities? What upgrades should be prioritised?







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