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Love's Goal Everything That's Great About FFA Cup

  • Love's Goal Everything That's Great About FFA Cup

The FFA Cup has provided its first giant-killing result, with Adelaide Cityís 1-0 defeat of Western Sydney Wanderers in Marden on the back of Thomas Loveís stunning solo run and strike an example of the greatness of cup football.

18-year old Love burst forward with no fear 15 minutes from time, beating five defenders before slotting it past Wanderers goalkeeper Ante Covic, and has described the goal as one of the happiest moments of his life.

The joy of a pure footballing moment that those who witnessed were able to share.

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The City midfielder was clearly still buzzing in a post-match interview with, but he still had enough composure to praise Coach Damien Moriís game plan and the teamís ability to stick to it.

Credit must be given to Mori Ė the former five-time NSL top-scorer, two-time championship winner and two-time Johnny Warren Medallist prepared his side well and made sure they were not overawed either by the occasion or their opponents.

Clearly the underdogs, the National Premier League club managed to hold their own in and end-to-end tussle with their more-fancied A-League opponents who, despite leaving out a few key players, still field a strong line-up.

The performance will have made the A-League heavyweights still in the competition take note, as well as giving hope to the other less-credentialed clubs who will be part of the Round of 16 draw on August 21.

And for Love, whose goal has now put him firmly on the Australian footballing radar, there may be more exciting times ahead in a City shirt, and perhaps even more professional colours.

There is no doubt the platform the FFA Cup provides for players that were previously unheard of to be noticed by club scouts, especially with a performance as eye-catching as Loveís on Tuesday evening.

One goal a professional player does not make, but you can bet the next time Adelaide City turn out, there will be a few more eyes watching than they the club is used to.

And that fixture may just be against their A-League big-brothers in Adelaide United.

With both teams part of the draw for the next round, it would be fantastic for football in the city for the two sides to be pitted against each other.

No doubt it would draw more interest, at least in South Australia but arguably the nation, than any other match-up the Reds could hope for.

This is the essence of why the FFA Cup can be so special and it should be promoted, and lauded, because it is unique to this particular style of competition, and new to Australian football fans.

David and Goliath stories in sport are so compelling, when they come around you canít help but be swept up by them.

We can only hope the draw falls the right way towards a United v City fixture but, even if it doesnít, itís fair to say the FFA Cup has arrived.

And itís good.

What did you think of Thomas Loveís goal? Can Adelaide City advance past the Round of 16?

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